The Office (2019) Season 02 Hindi Web Series All Episodes (15p)

With downsizing and mediocrity as constants, life at Wilkins Chawla hasn’t changed much, albeit a few developments in the matters of the heart. Between flames old and new, there may be an ‘it’ couple soon!

  • Episode 1 – Appraisal Time
    It’s appraisal time at Wilkins Chawla, but Chaddha is losing sleep over his “relationship” with Riya. Meanwhile, a new client relations executive has joined the team.
  • Episode 2 – The Nosy Boss
    When Chaddha begins to monitor the team’s emails, he doesn’t like what he finds. Elsewhere, Pammi suspects romance brewing between an unlikely pair in the office.
  • Episode 3 – Diwali Dhamaka
    Diwali celebration at Wilkins Chawla is in full swing and Chaddha suggests the team to play a weird game. Result? Boom!
  • Episode 4 – The Hunter
    Chaddha takes the team to Jim Corbett National Park for a motivational session where a series of events make Amit realise that he can’t let Pammi go.
  • Episode 5 – The Accident
    When Chaddha burns his foot at home, TP volunteers to help, but lands in trouble. However, we see a new side of TP’s personality.
  • Episode 6 – It’s a Secret
    Now that Chaddha knows Amit’s secret, the latter is on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, a suspicious TP spies on Rinchin and a truth is revealed.
  • Episode 7 – he Hooligan
    Someone has vandalised Chaddha’s office and he suspects the employees of foul play. Who’s the culprit?
  • Episode 8 – Riya Vs Chaddha
    Riya is at the Faridabad branch to lead a seminar for the women. Feeling ignored, Chaddha tries to bond with the menfolk in the office and the warehouse.
  • Episode 9 – The Office
    Chaddha is off to meet the new CFO of Wilkins Chawla on Valentine’s Day. During the trip, he spills the beans about Riya and him to other branch managers, one of whom uses the information to his advantage.
  • Episode 10 – Top Salesman
    Being the top salesman of the year at Wilkins Chawla, TP has to address the salesmen’s convention. Finding him nervous, Amit offers to help.
  • Episode 11 – Welcome, Kids!
    It’s kids’ day and the employees get their children to work. Chaddha, of course, has a gala time. Amid the fun, Saleem’s teenage daughter develops a crush on Sapan and Kitty runs interference.
  • Episode 12 – Chaddha’s Birthday
    Chaddha is excited about his birthday but the staff isn’t. They are worried about Kutty’s impending medical test reports.
  • Episode 13 – ‘Joint’ Effort
    TP finds a leftover joint in the parking lot, and tries to find the owner. When no one confesses, he schedules a drug test for all. Worried, Chaddha puts forth a weird demand to TP.
  • Episode 14 – Employee Grievances
    Chaddha learns that employee conflicts that are registered with Madhukar have not been resolved. He takes the matter in his own hands and creates a mess.
  • Episode 15 – Founder’s Day
    Chaddha organises a Founder’s Day party for charity, but inadvertently ends up inviting both Riya and Geeta. Post party, Amit opens up to Pammi.



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